About Us

The Ru Media Company produces, creates, and delivers multimedia resources that enrich people’s understanding of the Ru Tradition.

What is the Ru Tradition?

One of the first and most important teachers in the Ru Tradition is a person most people probably heard of, Kong Fuzi or Confucius.  The term “Confucianism” was created by early European Christian missionaries for “Ruism”.  Although Kong Fuzi is a central teacher, the Ru Tradition long began before he was even born and continues to evolve to this day!

Ruism is a comprehensive way of life that promotes the evolution of human civilization through the cultivation of good individuals, communities, and nation-states.

What We Do

The Ru Media Company makes this vibrant tradition available through


We publish and distribute a wide range of literature, both nonfiction and fiction, from children’s to adults, to make the Ru Tradition accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, all the while, enriching their lives.

Expert Translations

We translate the Ru Tradition’s ancient texts and offer admission to Ruism’s ancient wisdom. A few of those texts have the need to be updated in translation, while others have never before been translated into English.

Academic Research and Publications

We provide access to the latest scholarly research on the Ru Tradition through journals and magazines designed for general readership to keep the public to keep updated on the latest findings and understandings.

Curriculum Development

We create new, highly interactive curriculum, and certifications that will enrich 21st century global multicultural education, ranging from the K-12 classroom to the boardroom.

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