Our Authors

Bin Song

Bin Song is an assistant professor of philosophy and religion, teaching ancient Chinese philosophies, Western philosophies, and World Religions at Washington College, MD. He possesses a PhD of Philosophy (Nankai University, 2009), and a PhD of Religious Studies (Boston University, 2018).

As a writer and social entrepreneur, he is dedicated to bettering world through self-cultivated learning and performing good works, while providing access to the Ru (Confucian) Tradition’s knowledge and wisdom. Well versed in both Mandarin and English, Bin’s writings aim to accurately translate and present the full zest of the Ru Tradition for English reading audiences.

In his leisure, Bin enjoys the company of friends and family, nature walks, swimming, and the Ru meditation practice of quiet-sitting.

Jack Huang

Jack Huang is a writer and digital artist. He is also the writer of the blog Dragon’s Armory which covers topics in regards to Chinese military history.

An avid lover of the cultural history of all of East Asia, Jack is committed to bridging historic understandings between the East and the West through his works.  His fluency in both Mandarin as well as English allows him to conjugate the untranslated past into modern understandings.  His passionate historic storytelling focuses on the chaotic history that forged the earliest Chinese thoughts that would eventually become the bedrock Eastern philosophy.

You can find Jack’s contents on his blog: Dragon’s Armory, which he updates on a regular basis.