Our Founding and Values

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An American Community Benefits Corporation

Founded in 2017, the Ru Media Company was successfully launched with the assistance and support of both Academic and Independent Scholars, along with other like-minded individuals, who wanted to share their passion for the Ru Tradition (Confucianism) with the rest of the world. Our works cover a wide range of readership, from the academic to general audiences, from those who are just discovering the Ru Tradition to those who have dedicated their entire lives to it.

We wholeheartedly believe that the Ru Tradition has something to offer everyone as one of the oldest thriving intellectual and spiritual traditions in the world.  For over 2,500 years, the Ru Tradition deftly covers and engages in a wide range of topical discourse such as morality, philosophy, art, literature, self-cultivation strategies, social management ideas, individual spiritual development, and much more.

In living practice, we believe in the natural capacity of human greatness in all of us. This greatness can be achieved through enlightened education, duty for the care of others, maintaining harmony with our environments, and championing humane civilization for a better world.